From Assisting Shut-Ins to Sisterly Guidance, Mail-Order Publications

From Assisting Shut-Ins <a href="">latin dating sites</a> to Sisterly Guidance, Mail-Order Publications

“Little skip Fannie Allison Troutsmans writes that this woman is lonesome and wish to hear from Comfort visitors,” the column starts. “She claims this woman is the youngest of ten young ones of who four just you live, and adds that her oldest sibling, a conductor in the Southern Railroad, ended up being killed by a train at Spartanburg, S.C.”

The appeal to other visitors appeared at the opening for the July 1907 “Comfort Sisters’ Corner,” a basic of Comfort Magazine. The columnist includes skip Fannie’s own terms, and a target in new york where “sisters” could address letters. In identical pages, one girl asked for souvenir post cards and letters, while another requested “seeds of the most extremely variety that is popular or any conventional plants, such as for instance our grandmothers adored.”

The line went for multiple pages, brief paragraphs in small font sandwiched on the list of many adverts. Comfort, most likely, wasn’t only a woman’s journal; it had been a magazine that is mail-order primary function would be to bring customer tradition to rural America by marketing kitchen appliances, clothes, medications along with other items. The initial publisher, William Gannett, really produced Comfort in an effort to market their neurological tonic to ladies. Continue reading “From Assisting Shut-Ins to Sisterly Guidance, Mail-Order Publications”